The Blacklist: (S03E09) “The Director”

“The Director”- Airdate: Thursday, January 7, 2016
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Heading into Thursday night’s midseason return, the intent of Red and the gang remains steadfast: Clear Elizabeth Keen’s name and KEEP HER ALIVE! Keen is still facing her unknown fate as she is framed to be a Russian Spy.
Things pick up right where we last left them, with Liz being arrested by Ressler and Red escaping just in time, all in the name of saving Lizzie.
Elizabeth is taken into CIA custody under the orders of the Director. She is placed in The Box. You know, that same see through box we witnessed Red’s first conversation with Elizabeth from, back in season 1. Despite other protocol, the Director is ready to essentially take Elizabeth to her death. He wanted her to disappear. Aram saw this coming and changed the code to the box.
Ressler is beginning to realize he may very well be in over his head. Red tells him he has to find a way to move Karakurt from Cooper’s wife, Charlene’s, lover’s cabin. (Yes, really). While the Director is still out for Liz, Ressler is anxiously waiting the deliverance of Karakurt, who is willing to confess to his involvement in the terrorist attack planned by Cabal to frame Liz. This would, of course, save Liz. Laurel tells Ressler they can hold off the Director, although not being able to get ahold of Reven is concerning to her.
After telling Laurel about the location of the cabin where Karakurt is stashed away with Cooper and Tom Keen, the Cabal is on the way. When Ressler calls to warn Cooper and tell them get out now, he finds out Cooper has taken Charlene somewhere safe and is an hour away. Ressler heads to the cabin to help secure the fort with Tom and get Karakurt back to the CIA alive, so he can testify.
Red meets back up with the friend he previously handed Samar’s brother over to and tells him he needs a meeting with his boss, Venezuela’s Foreign Minister.
Meanwhile, Aram is the only one who can save Liz. The Director pumps nitrogen in The Box in order to suffocate Liz, forcing Aram to give him the code and put Liz in the hands of The Director. Poor Aram.
Back at the cabin, Tom and Ressler are in trouble. About 20 men from the Cabal, including Big Bad Mr. Solomon, are lined up outside with assault riffles ready to fire at the cabin. In an attempt to save Karakurt, as well as their own lives, the two team up and begin to fire at those bad guys. Karakurt had also convinced them to give him a weapon at this point to help defend themselves. They take out a few men, and a gas mask inside takes out the rest inside. However, Mr. Solomon is still standing. Solomon puts a gun to Tom’s head. Tom tells Ressler to let him shoot him and then to shoot Solomon. Ressler puts his gun down, and then as if perfectly timed, Harold Cooper arrives back on sight and gives Solomon a nice blow to the head.
As the Director marches Lizzie out of the Post Office, Aram pulls a gun on the Director. Aram knows this isn’t the way to go and Liz talks him in to putting the gun down. Aram is taken away, and Liz finds herself alone in the hands is the Director. Then, the elevator opens and it’s National Security Advisor, Cynthia Panabaker. She has orders from Reven Wright to safely transfer Liz to the courthouse. She goes on to inform the Director that his Intel on the Russian attack is bull. She is on to the Director and his sidekick, Laurel.
Red meets with the Venezuelan Prime Minister, gets his final ducks in a row to save Lizzie, and has Aram meet him at an empty grave. Aram wonders why they are there. Red tells Aram that “there are foundational elements in our lives, people that form the brick and mortar of who we are… We take their existence for granted until suddenly they’re not there, and we collapse under rubble.” He tells him that he’s stood over open graves and watched those foundational elements slip away too often in his life. And that if it weren’t for Aram, he’d be staring at another body today, instead of an empty grave: “It wasn’t weakness that prevented you from watching your friend die today. It was hope… I am forever in your debt. Now get your team together — it’s time to take down the Cabal.”
Why, yes. Yes, it is.