Modern Family Season 7 Episode 10 “Playdates”



In the 10th Episode of Modern Family called,”Play dates”Mitchell cash in a birthday coupon from Haley, Alex and Luke, so they scramble and host an impromptu tour of celebrity homes. Claire must make Phil make the other couple on the dinner to pay as they never pay. Lily has her first crush. Jay is surprised when the couple they have a play-date with appears to have a lot in common with them, including their age differences.

“Playdates” wasn’t the greatest episode , but it wasn’t the worst either. I enjoyed Mitch and the kids the most. As, we don’t get to see these 4 interact , so it was nice to see. I also liked Lily, too. I thought her having a crush on the dad was predictable, yet funny. Manny and his mustache was boring and I didn’t care for Gloria, Jay and the other couple either. I was excited for Michael Keegan Keys (I read he and Ty Burrell went to Grad school together ), but their story-line fell flat.Did anyone notice that there seemed to be way more stereotypes/joking about stereotypes this week, than normal? (Mitch loving Barbara Streisand; Cam continuing his flamboyant/hopeless romantic shtick; role reveal of the Lily being Asian getting her nails done)

Grade: B