Burnt (2016)

I watched the movie mainly because I recently took a liking to Bradley Cooper’s movie since they kind of have a plot at all times.

Another reason was because it was about food and being a chef and it got me curious as to how it will be like. 

Think of it this way, if you were given a title Burnt, and told to make a movie all you can think of is a restaurant or a kitchen with chefs and something bad happening.

But no this movie had everything, the complete Hollywood package.

  • Rough past
  • Alcohol/Drugs 
  • Cartel
  • Debts
  • Ex
  • New girl fall in love
  • New girl has a past
  • Finally get what he wants
  • Traitorous friend

Can’t imagine a better package than that! If I missed something feel free to point out.

What I liked the most is that they didn’t end the movie with like a lovebirds way or a rain part but rather him enjoying a nice laugh and eating with his co-chefs!