The Goldbergs (S03E12) “Baio and Switch”

Review: The school dance is coming up and when Emmy Mirsky does not have a date, Adam volunteers to take her, now that Dana isn’t able to fly over from Seattle. But when Dana surprisingly shows up, Adam has a problem: of course he wants to go with his girlfriend, but after seeing Muscles Mirsky cry, he can’t just blow his best friend off. He asks Pops for advice, who suggests to take both girls to the dance, something he was able to pull off when he was younger. Pops, Dave Kim and Adam make a plan for the night, so that Adam can take both girls without them even knowing it, but while they are planning it, Emmy and Dana come to the Goldberg house mad, to inform Adam that they know about him taking both of them to the dance.

When Virginia Kremp (yes, Jennifer Irwin is back again!) shows Bev how her family made the paper, Bev comes up with a plan for her family to make the paper as well: Hands Across America. She takes over Coach Mellor’s duties as Regional Captain. Barry and Erica don’t want their mom to take over and decide to quit, until Beverly comes up with the lie that Scott Baio will come to Jenkintown to join and hold hands. Erica and Barry are so excited about this that they are willing to do anything for Bev to make sure they get to hold hands with Scott Baio. Beverly tries to get in contact with Baio’s people to really get him to Jenkintown, but it is impossible, the best she can do is a Ben Franklin impersonator.

When it’s the day of the Hands Across America event, Beverly confesses to her kids that she was unable to get Scott Baio to join. Of course Barry and Erica are angry at her for lying to them, and when the photographer of the paper arrives, they are not in the mood to take a picture with Bev or even hold her hand, to make the Hands Across America chain. Adam isn’t pleased either while the photo is being taken because both Dana and Emmy are crushing his hands because they are so mad at him. When Adam comes home later that day, Murray gives him the same advice he always gives: don’t be a moron. But this time Adam understands what he means and he makes up with both Dana and Emmy, and they agree to go to the dance with him. Beverly eventually gets her wish as well: they are in the paper with a picture. It’s not exactly how she hoped to make the paper, but on the other hand, it could not be more like the Goldbergs:

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The dynamic between Wendi McLendon-Covey and Bryan Callen is fantastic. Their scenes together are always great, just like in this episode. It was very different to see Barry and Erica give Beverly anything she wants, just to be able to hold hands with Scott Baio and I thought it was fun to see that. I loved the talk between Adam and Murray in the end, and it was great that this got him to take his best friend and his girlfriend to the dance.

Rating: 8.5/10

Best Bev bleep ever!