American Horror Story Hotel: (S05E12) ‘Be Our Guest’

The season finale of the famous  no drama shows us what happens to all our favourite murderers after the killing of The Countess. I love the character Liz Taylor and I was happy to see her story being one of the main plotlines.

Liz and Iris have taken over the Hotel Cortez and want to turn the place into a fabulous renovated hot spot. But sadly, the ghost keep killing their guest. The two new managers decide to have a meeting and its decided by Mr March that the killing would stop so that the hotel could be considered a National Landmark, meaning no demolishing.

The killing stops after Sally discover a phone and WiFi. She is finally loved by thousands of followers. I thought that was far-fetch but at least she’s happy. Liz takes over Will Drakes fashion line outside of the hotel so the mogul can continue designing. Even the ghost get to be models.

Even after success, our managers aren’t fully happy. They bring in a medium named Billy, played by Sarah Paulson again, to contact Tristan. However, Liz long lost love doesn’t want to talk and instead Donovan reaches out to tell Iris he loves her.

After the birth of Liz grandchild, she finds out she’s the first woman with prostrate cancer and ask her ghost friends to kill her in the hotel. Its then that a dead Countess finally arrives and slits her friends throat. After Liz is resurrected as a Ghost, she and Tristan reunite. I loved that so much.

Finally, there’s John. After a few years have passed we find out that John had been captured and killed. But sadly, on the steps of the Hotel Cortez. So since his a famous serial killer now, John only comes back once a year for Devils Night.

I loved this final scene because Devils Night, episode four, was my favourite episode of the entire season. All our serial killers are back and together.

Its strange to feel happy for these cruel murderers, ghost and vampires. I have never seen a season with so much murder but it all worked. What a fantastic season. I loved every episode, which is weird because the previous two seasons didn’t do well. American Horror Story is back and I can’t wait to see what the next season holds.