Bordertown set in the border of Mexico & USA

With the current political situation and tension. This series looks at all situations that may happen when the policies take into effect.

Let’s take an example with the first episode we saw that the border patrol is trying to get rid of all Mexicans, this in turn makes a big criminal make money by smuggling and thus more problems as he continues to create problems for the border patrols. 

At the same time we saw that the Mexicans started to make their own business like the lawn business, and they begin to prosper and the border patrol who is the neighbour doesn’t like it.

Things go worse when his daughter eloped with the Mexican. What makes this episode special is the way it shows that we can expect Americans & Mexicans to live together get married and at the same time when the father goes back to get his future son in law that at the end of the day you will be friends.

The second episode was the whole idea of building a wall. The most important thing it shows is that human smuggling increased drastically and even the border patrols joined in because their wages got cut. This actually increased the number of Mexicans entering the country thus making it useless.

Basically it is like the other animated shows making fun of real life stuff!