Second Chance: S01E01 “A Suitable Donor”

I have been keeping an eye on this series since last year. Only reason I was interested in it was because it was supposed to be named “Frankenstein Code”, so I had no idea it was the same show till I saw it online with a completely different name. Pretty Boy Robert Kazinsky from Pacific Rim plays Ray Pritchard, a retired & disgraced Sheriff who is old & sick of life & one day when he was in his old house comes across a robbery which ends with his life being taken & signed off as a suicide.

Thanks to the billionaire Goodwin twins they use Pritchard in a test which they have not tested on humans before, to bring him back to life. Not only does he come back to life, he is about 30-40 years younger, has super human strength & looks good.

For a pilot episode the story was quite weak as it was just about solving his sons case in which his partner is helping with a string of robberies around the country. If this doesn’t catch up in the next few episodes to be a little bit more exciting, then I think we are looking at another minority report cancelation.