Teen Wolf: (S05E12) “Damnation Memoriae”

Teen Wolf always manages to start & end with a lot of OMG moments & this episode was no exception. Finally Scott & Stiles start working together & the only thing that goes through your head at that moment is “Thank god”. We are introduced to a new supernatural creature which the Dredd doctors have managed to bring back to life who seems to be a lot more stronger than what Scott has ever encountered.

Scotts healing process is still taking quite a lot of time but this episode goes to show that injured or not an Alpha will always be more powerful, when Theo managed to unleash his misfits on Scott & he defeated them in a matter of seconds.

I was hoping for the finale to be a showdown of sorts between Theo’s pack & Scott’s but there’s been too many hints in this episode as to how both packs need to reunite to destroy the new creature that has emerged. Of course I am sure there still will be a battle to the end because we can’t have two packs now can we?