Billions (S01E01) : “Pilot”




So this pilot was everything I hoped for, basically Showtime’s Finanical drama is a MUST SEE. 

Homeland’s Damien Lewis was brilliant, Bobby Axelrod is the hedge fund King in the finance world. I mean right now I can’t tell whether he’s the good guy or the bad guy, but it will definitely be interesting to see what road they go down. Although it’s safe to say he didn’t make all his money the ethical way.

One thing that definitely was great to see was Lara Axelrod played by the amazing Malin Akerman.  The loyalty Lara has for Bobby and everyone who works for them is pretty incredible, I mean that’s one heck of a team. It’s always the relationships on shows are the most important, so it’s nice to see a female character be a guys girl for once cause it’s not something you see on TV. 

On the other hand, Paul Giamatti plays the U.S attorney Chuck Rhoades, while his performance is great. It’s very obvious that his wife Wendy played by Maggie Siff has a lot of say in their relationship, I mean that intense opening scene said it all. Wendy’s the in house therapist as Axe’s firm, putting them both in a very awkward situation. 

So far the show has made an great start. Highlight of tonight’s episode has got to be “What’s the point of having Fuck you money, if you don’t say Fuck You!” . 

But the best line of the show Men….! Quit your Fucking Job!