The Big Bang Theory (S09E13) “The Empathy Optimization”

I guess I should go on an apologize tour for posting this review so late…

Review: Sheldon has been rude to his friends all week because he was sick. When Amy teaches him empathy and makes him realize he wasn’t that nice to his friends, Sheldon decides to do a Sheldon Cooper Apology Tour. He really means his apologies but also hopes that the others (excluding Stuart of course) will agree to take him with them on the trip to Las Vegas that they have planned.

I liked this empathetic side of Sheldon! He has evolved and grown a lot this season, and I think that’s always great to see. I especially liked his last apology to Emily because he knows what his weaknesses are and really tries to make things better. Most of the time I’ve enjoyed the storylines with Stuart, and although I still kind of enjoyed it this week (it maybe was a little too much), it does get a bit annoying that he is the butt of everyone’s jokes all the time. He was of course introduced to the show as a desperate, awkward guy, without any real friends, but I still hope they can find another character trait for him that could add to storylines in a different way. Laura Spencer was promoted to series regular not too long ago, but hasn’t been in any episodes since, or was never even really mentioned. But her character Emily was finally back in this episode. I still don’t really know a lot about her, so I wonder where they are going to take her relationship with Raj.

To sum up, the episode was funny and I loved Sheldon, but it also lacked some things. For example, I miss seeing Amy interact with the group, now that she’s at the conference. I hope that she is back in the next episode, and not just on Skype like she has been the past 2 weeks.

Rating: 8/10

Congrats to Mayim Bialik on winning the Critics’ Choice Award for best supporting actress in a comedy series!