The Royals (S02E10): “The Serpent That Did Sting Thy Father’s Life”



The finale of The Royals was EPIC. 

Yes! Thank you Mark Schwan for giving me everything I wanted in tonight’s episode. It was brilliant very well written,  perfect use in the music department as always. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in Season 3 which is coming next fall. 

Okay finally Liam, Eleanor and Helena found out the real killer of King Simon is. And the reveal was definitely worth the wait, as an audicence member knowing it was Ted and waiting for them to find out was brutal. But them banding together for the first time was a really special moment, and I would love to see more of these family scenes together. 

Cyrus as usual was a spoilt brat, although I had to say in that spilt second I did feel bad for him as Helena broke his heart and took his son away from him. But at the end of the day he did very despicable things, not saying he deserved it, but he had to have seen something coming. 

Yes! For Jaspor and Eleanor fans, all I can say about that is I hope for once that Len can truly be happy cause it’s all I ask and  her smile in the end gave me some hope. So hopefully next season we’ll see a change, although knowing Mark, it may not be for very long.

Ive got to say I wish we could trust one person who works at the palace, I mean Ted was the KILLER so it seems to be that Mr. Fox seems like the only genuine person, plus I had a good feeling about him from the start. “You do amuse me ” I love scenes between Len and him, there really sweet.

Thank gosh, I finally feel like Queen Helena is redeeming herself, I’ve got to say I wasn’t a fan from Season One, even though I know Elizabeth Hurley does a fabulous job. It’s nice to see a kinder side to her, especially since she’s also big supporter of Liam being King also. 

In terms of Liam, im just wondering if him releasing the footage of Ted killing Simon will lead him down a dark path, I mean he practically sentenced him to death in a way. Although I don’t hope we see that, I’d like to see him finally use his position and help the people of England.

Plus that OMG moment, in the end, is Robert alive???

Until Season 3