Scorpion (S02E14): “Sun of a Gun”


Sylvester played a big part in tonight’s episode, which was great by the way. Scorpion always amazes me, because it’s not he same boring procedural, I love that action element of it, which is why I find it more entertaining, than your typical CBS crime drama. 

So tonight, we meet Slyvesters estranged father, a retired general who enlists Scorpions help. As he believes an Afrjcan dictator has his hands on a deadly World War II weapon, with intentions to use it for the wrong reasons.

It’s clear that they don’t have what you would call a normal father-son relationship. It was the classic excuse, of because he was different, smarter, he didn’t know how to deal with him. Although that’s a little cliche, when they made up the moment was very sincere and endearing. Which is something Scorpion does very well. 

I’ve got to say, my favourite part of this episode was definitely when Walter and Paige sang together, it was really sweet. Plus Katharine McPhee has a beautiful voice, so I’m glad she got to use it in the show.

Throughout the whole episode Ralph was taking care of Toby who was sick it was so cute to see, plus Toby seemed to be enjoying himself. It was even better, when it’s revealed in he end, that it was all thanks to Happy.

I can’t wait for the next episode to see what Team Scorpion tackles next.