Shadowhunters (S01E02):  “The Descent Into Hell Isn’t Easy”


So I’m still skeptic about the Shadowhunters series, I mean I have the knowledge of the movies, and the experience of the movie to compare it too. Which I know a lot of the fans of the books didn’t like to much, although if you viewed it firsthand with no knowledge of the books, I know people did enjoy it.

But I’ve got to say what they’ve done in two episodes has been very very good. The script is written very well, you can tell, cause there really taking time on a lot of the small stuff from the books which is really nice to see in any adaption.

So it’s the second episode in, and Simon finds out about the Shadowhunter world. The way they do the runes are really cool, I like the special effects for them. Plus Simons reaction to witnessing everything is the best, Alberto Rosende does a nice job, even more so since this is his first acting role. Also what was really lovely about this scene is his reaction to Isabelle, it reminded my a lot of their first encounter in the books. Can I just say the casting for Simon, Isabelle and Alec, so far for me are absolute perfection. Also the diversity that Free Form has welcomed on this show is really refreshing to see.

I mean Alec who’s played by Matthew Daddario, plays with such a conviction, especially how he’s so guarded about Clarys arrival into the institute, but he also has those nice scenes with Izzy. And it’s the perfect balance of the two, which Kevin Zegers lacked in his portrayal. 

Emeraude Toubia does an exceptional job as Isabelle, I honestly believe from what we’ve seen from the two episodes, she’s does the best job so far. I mean she’s encompasses the likability of Izzy from her kind heart to her cute quirks with Simon, also she can be a total badass if she wants too. Can I just say as a book fan, I was so happy to see that, they mentioned how bad Izzy is at cooking, I really enjoyed that scene with Simon and her.

I myself personally loved Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace. I mean I know a lot of fans hated the casting choice at first but then a lot of us were pleasantly surprised, he really proved people wrong about their initial perceptions of him.So although I do love Dominic Sherwood, he’s a brilliant actor and was great in Vampire Academy. I just haven’t clicked with him as yet, in terms of Jace, I’m not sure about how he conveys the sassy and bad boy side of Jace. So I still need to see more to be convinced.

On the other hand I’ll always personally love Lilly Collins as Clary, cause she’s just a fabulous actress. But I don’t mind Katherine McNamara as Clary, she’s does a good job at portraying Clary, and I’m really happy with her performance. I really noticed it in her determination to save her Jocelyn when she in the city of bones scene with the Silent Brothers. Which was brilliant I loved that scene, plus the emotional element of it was there.

Although there’s clear special effects and set differences, cause of the obvious budget reasons. I believe that they’ve done a good job so far.

All in all, I would still suggest Shadowhunters as a show to check out. I mean I love the concept and the storyline, everything it’s based on is great. The writers are really pacing themselves in a good manner with the story. So I would definitely suggest check it out if you haven’t already, because it’s done surprisingly well.