Superstore (S01E06): “The Secret Shopper”


So far this season of Superstore, has been hilarious. It’s my favourite new workplace comedy and it definitely fills the void of the Parks and Recreation and the Office ending.
In tonight’s episode, all the workers at Cloud 9 were on high alert for the secret shopper , those are the people corporate managers send out to make sure a store is running correctly

The paranoia got to everyone, I’d say Dina took it to the extreme, but she usually does with most things, it’s what I love about her character. So out of everyone who she thought was the secret shopper, the funniest interaction, would definitely be the old woman buying a new matresss, I mean she took it to a whole other level. 

Secondly, I love the dynamic between Amy and Jonah, they shared some of the best lines in tonight’s episode. “I know what you were thinking, I would have never gone over you if you were a man”. Thanks to the writers for putting that in the show, there are also a lot more great lines. Best scene of The Secret Shopper, has got to be the fork light montage, it was amazing.

The writers on this show, really do a good job with the humour, plus they have a lot of witty lines in their, which is just great. Plus I really do really do laugh out loud in watching this show. In my opinions it’s one of the best new comedy’s in 2016, so you should definitely check it out if you haven’t.