The Blacklist (S3E10): “The Director:Conclusion”

The Blacklist (S3E10): “The Director: Conclusion”

Liz is finally a free woman after being exonerated, and she attempts to reclaim her former life in this episode. Meanwhile, Red is assembling an “army”, if you will, of elite criminals with a plan to capture the leaders of the most deadly organized crime syndicates, and use them to his advantage.

In another effort to keep Lizzie safe, Red adds capturing the CIA’s Director of Clandestine Services to the plan. Red did what any simple-minded person would do: he investigated until he found out that the Director and his wife see a marriage counselor  once a week and also that Director’s wife sees a psychiatrist, drugged her into an anxiety attack via a sly slip into her coffee, tricking the Director in showing up at the doctors offices. Red then did the next thing we simple-minded folk would do: he rearranged the elevator wires to take him to a different level, and swapped the decor, in order to trap the Director once he arrived to meet his wife. This is what we would do, right? Well, it worked. Expecting to see his wife, the Director lands face to face with Red himself, and he is successfully kidnapped by Red and his crew. When the Director wakes up, and “comes to,” he is confined to the Venezuelan Presidents plane, accompanied by Red. WHAT is going on? The Foreign Minister tells the Director that, on behalf of the Venezuelan government, he’s under arrest for war crimes and crimes against humanity and that they’ll be delivering him to the International Court of Justice where the Chief Prosecutor will be waiting to bring the first ever war-crime charges against an American.
Back in the States, the word that Agent Elizabeth Keen is alive is out. She has Ressler as her lookout, and the best criminal defense attorney showed up, too. She told Liz she didn’t look like a monster, but that this was going to be a hard one. After all, she’s charges with 16 counts of capital murder. The attorney seems unsure of Lizzie’s innocence, but she’s ready to bring her A game.
Karakurt’s confession to his involvement with the Cabal and framing of Elizabeth should help her. It’s a step in the right direction. She needs that. Tom delivers Karakurt for the confession.
Red calls Laurel Hitchin and informs her that he has the Director and goes on to remind her, the most immediate result will be “the global spectacle of a high-ranking American official being charged with war crimes.” And do you know who will have to report that war crime spectacle to the President of the United States? Laurel Hitchin. To avoid this, Red asks that Elizabeth Keen be exonerated. Laurel agrees to publicly confirm that Liz is innocent of every charge except the killing of Tom Connolly, for which she’ll have to plead guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Liz is now a free woman, but she realizes that she can never be an agent, instead she will be an asset, like Raymond Reddington. Liz and Red end up being more alike than I think she ever anticipated. As she steps out of the courthouse, we feel along with Keen, her relief and her confusion. The episode concludes with Liz walking towards Red.