New Girl: (S05E03) ‘Jury Duty’

Review: Jess is summoned for jury duty and being Jess, she’s actually excited… Until she gets the opportunity to be acting principal for the day. She meets a guy, Daniel, played by dreamboat John Cho (last seen on the very underrated and gone too soon ‘Selfie’), who like her, believes in jury duty as not just a right but a privilege! And as it turns out, Daniel is a lawyer involved in the case, so when Jess tries to get out of jury duty, his disappointment is evident. But Jess, again being Jess, just can’t do it and she ends up convincing Daniel that she’d make a great juror. Which she ends up being for the next month, because Zooey Deschanel was very very pregnant while shooting these episodes and dresses and tricky camera shots will only get you so far.

Back at the loft, the gang is struggling without Jess, because adulthood is hard, yo! Nick and Cece can’t seem to adjust to living together, as Cece is a “hot slob” and Nick just “isn’t always funny”. Nick and Cece spend the episode arguing, putting Schmidt in the middle of their conflict until he goes to the Denim store to cry about it. Nick and Cece work through their issues, which is really just to cover up the fact that they’re both a little jealous of the other’s role in Schmidt’s life. They decide to compromise: Nick promises not to tell his “wet pants story” over and over again, while Cece agrees to the official terms of the loft. And yes, there’s an actual document pertaining to matters of the loft, from sex in the sink (damnit Winston!) to not letting Nick near any kind of electrical work. Cece and Nick make up, leading to some kind of three-way hug and then a Cece/Schmidt makeout session with Nick still *right there*. Whatever works for them!

Meanwhile, Winston has a problem: he has this AWESOME painting of dogs playing poker (really, really awesome, anyone remember Roseanne?), but not everyone can appreciate it. Despite Jess’s warning not to hang the painting on the wall until she gets back, Winston gets to it anyway, effectively getting his hammer caught in the wall and causing great damage to it. And, despite his best efforts throughout the episode to keep it together using duct tape and staplers, it’s too late to save the wall. Time to rethink those loft terms?