The Shannara Chronicles (S01E04): “Changeling”


As always The Shannara Chronicles, ceases to amaze me delivering great performances coupled with excellent writing.

Tonight’s episode started off with Princess Amberle carrying out the test of the Ellcrys to retrieve the seed. WOW, it’s right from there that we get this intense scene with her character and Wil, and it was really refreshing to see another side of Austin Butlers acting. It was a dark version of his character, and if you know his work, you’ll know he’s not had a performance quite like this scene, so it was great to watch as a fan.

So Amberle passes the test, and proves her worth to the Ellcrys and to her Grandfather, which is seen a little later on when they share a sweet and endearing moment. He shows this  by giving Amberle her fathers sword. I love this scene because it’s really nice to see Eventine support his granddaughter as I was unsure of how he felt about her being in the Chosen.  

Meanwhile, the Dagda Mor has other plans, and sends the Changelling which is an ancient, shape shifting demon to kill Amberle and anyone in the way. Can I just say the special effects team deserves a mention, because they do such a incredible job on the show, it makes for such a great viewing experience. 

Eretria is such a great character, I love seeing her complexity, and we got to see a different side of her tonight, other than her tricking Wil to retrieve the elfstones for her father. I feel like there’s a lot more to learn about her, I don’t believe that she’s as bad as everyone makes her out to be. I mean it’s clear she’s a fighter, growing up with the Rovers sounded rough.  So I’m really interested to learn more about her.

Okay so Wil seemed like he’s still naive, I mean it’s the second time, Eretria has tricked him and stolen from him. So hopefully he figures out how not to be so easily manipulated. But other than that, I especially loved his scene Amberle and how he just wanted to help her. It was very kind and sweet to see. Even though he’s heartbreaking causes he’s reaching out to her, and she’s not sure of how to process all her feelings and emotions towards coupled with all that’s happened so far. Although that doesn’t last long, when Amberle finds out about Wil and Eretria. Finally, these three are traveling together, their dynamic, is really entertaining and fun to watch so it’s really good to see. 

Bandon was introduced in the previous episode, and I was so intrigued by him, the anticipation leading up tithe reveal of his powers was well played out. His power as a seer comes in hand as very useful in this episode as he knows that Eretria is going to attack Amberle.  The plan to trick the Changleing is an old one but still a good one, so it was fun to watch it all play out.  Also Manu Bennett needs a shout out, he plays Allanon with such a conviction to it’s really nice to watch plus he’s a terrific fighter.

So, all in all tonight’s episode was AMAZING, I’m wonderfully surprised by each episode, so I can’t wait for the episode 5. Also I’d love to suggest this show to anyone who’s not seen it as yet, cause you’re missing out, I implore you check it out. It’s one of the best new shows of 2016 in my own opnion.