Arrow: (S04E10) “Blood Debts”

We started the episode in the hospital where Felicity was in surgery after being shot multiple times. Laurel found out about Quentin and Donna and was cool with it. Thea struggled with her hunger for murder. Diggle fought with his brother.

Apparently with Felicity gone, everyone had hacking skills lmao. The Team Arrow hunted down Anarchy who is weirdly obsessed with Thea and he told her that she saved him from himself. Oliver let Anarchy go so he can track him down in order to find Darhk to Laurel’s disapproval, but he failed because he’s a flop.

The doctors said Felicity is permanently paralyzed and Oliver didn’t want to believe it.  He visited Felicity and she told him she thought he would want to end the engagement after he found out that she’s paralyzed. He told her he’d never do that.

The Team Arrow found Anarchy in Damien’s house where he was holding hostage Damien’s daughter and wife. There Oliver came face to face with Damien and Damien told him he’d give him a few weeks to spend with his own family as a thank you. Damien’s wife disapproved of his decision, she thought he should have killed the Green Arrow right there.

At the end it was revealed that it’s not Felicity in the grave, but someone close to them since Oliver and Felicity were in the car in front of the graveyard and she told him that he should kill that son of a bitch who is responsible for the death of another character.

Overall, I liked the episode, I am just not happy that Felicity is paralyzed, I hope that storyline doesn’t last the whole season.

Rating: 8/10

Questions for you:

1.Who is in the grave? Share your theories.

2. Why didn’t Felicity wear her ring to the funeral? Are she and Oliver over, or is it a Jewish thing?