Black-ish: (S02E13) ‘Keeping Up with the Johnsons’

Review: The Johnsons are broke! Bow and Dré discover that they’ve been living too large and are in deep financial trouble. The root of this problem? Their spending. You see, Dré likes sneakers… from Japan. And Bow is used to using bio-organic hair products to keep her hair shiny and healthy. But realizing that things need to change, Bow and Dré try to cut back on some of their spending. This lasts about a day, before they realize that sneakers and bio-organic products aren’t the problem. Instead, Bow realizes that she needs to be more involved when it comes to their finances and not be scared to think of or talk about money. Growing up, her mom never wanted to talk about money, and a talk with her through Facetime, reveals that like her, talking about money scares her mother so much that she let Bow’s father deal with their finances. Dré, on the other hand, spent his childhood wishing for sneakers and a better life, and when he had the means he made sure to get the shoes he’d always wanted and the house he’d always wanted. But in the end, he realizes that all that matters is that he got the woman he always wanted. And that Bow got the fridge she always wanted, and the smartest man “she’s ever been married to”. Say it with me: awwwwwwww!

Meanwhile, the kids catch wind of their parents’ financial trouble. Junior, who’s prepared for ANY kind of disaster, including a zombie apocalypse (this is why he’s my favorite Johnson kid!), decides that the best way to deal with financial ruin is to start daytrading. Pops gives Junior a word of advice: find an inside man! After a rocky start, Junior and Jack (or, J&J enterprises) realize that their inside man is in fact Zoey, the ultimate trendsetter. They follow her around (wearing suits and channeling Matthew McConaughey in The Wolf of Wall Street) and make enough money off of her “like pimps” to start living large… Until Zoey figures it out! When they refuse to give her a cut of the money, she shuts them down: no more gadgets or fancy shoes, Zoey is now using an old school phone with operator and reading an actual newspaper! Back at square one, the boys resort to desperate measures – sorting through Zoey’s trash for clues – but end up literally losing their shirts.

Not mentioned in this review, but certainly a highlight: Dré’s co-workers and their respective spending habits, and the reveal that Dre’s boss knows exactly what material a cocaine straw is made of! And a very fun appearance by John Witherspoon!