Supernatural: (S11E10) ‘The Devil In The Details’

My, my – that was one hell of a cage fight, wasn’t it?! (Pun intended)

The show starts off with a funny, though bit disturbing, holiday scene. Crowley in onesie jammies AND he got a Sam Funko! (Where’s mine?!) Santa crashes the party – who else knew right away it was Lucifer?

Then we go back to hell, where we left off with Sam in the cage with Lucifer. Lucifer confirms that it was him in Sam’s head, not God, and also that Rowena is his little puppet. However, instead of beginning to try and torture a “Yes I will be your vessel” out of Sam, Lucifer tries a different approach. Almost like the ghosts of Christmas past & present Lucifer goes back through Sam’s memories. He tries to convince Sam that he used to be a hero but has gone soft, & needs Lucifer’s strength to overcome The Darkness.

Now we go to lovely Dean and baby, just driving down the road as usual, until the world goes wonky. Dean pulls over to be sick, and Cas shows up diagnosing Dean as having “smiting sickness”. Yes, that’s a thing. The whole area around the smiting is poisonous & Dean can go no further. Cas goes on himself to the forest, which is night time dark in the middle of the afternoon. He runs into Ambriel who is another angel as the same mission as Cas, to find Amara. You know, since she’s wanted, dead or alive. Turns out she’s very much alive after sucking…well, everything out of Ambriel. The forest turns back to day time, and Amara sends Cas to Dean and Crowley – with a painful (to Cas) message.

Meanwhile Dean gets word from Crowley that Sam is in hell (again), with Lucifer (again). Dean meets up with a reaper named Billie who gives him a box and sends him into hell. He meets up with Crowley who opens the box which contains a witchcatcher. Rowena finds out, but with a little pre-planning on Crowley’s part she can’t get away. He puts it on her and for now well, she’s Crowley’s b****. He orders Rowena to make an incantation that puts Lucifer back in the box.

Cas shows up in hell, revealing to Dean and Crowley that Amara is alive, and showing them her message that she is coming. Cas and Dean take off for Sam – despite Crowley’s warning – when they hear him shout. With a *snap* of Lucifer’s fingers, Cas & Dean are in the cage, making it a mini royal rumble. When Cas attacks Lucifer, it ends up being those two in a corner of the cage and Sam and Dean in another corner. Rowena finishes her spell and the entire area flares up in light, with Lucifer gone when it’s over.

Cas, Sam and Dean leave hell. Outside, Cas says he’ll catch up, & I can immediately tell something is wrong. Our brothers drive off, and we go back inside Crowley’s lair to find an interesting scene between Rowena and Crowley. Then, Cas returns. Only, it isn’t Cas. And as Crowley realizes this, the scene flashes to reveal that at the very last moment Cas agreed to be Lucifer’s vessel. Lucifer/Cas removes the witchcatcher from Rowena, and after getting the answer he wanted – that she’s the only one who can open the cage – he snaps her neck.

I have to say I was surprised and didn’t see the Cas as vessel coming. However, Misha Collins deserves some credit because he was able to channel his inner Mark Pellegrino and pull off some classic moves and facial expressions.

I can’t wait to see what happens next! Rating–8.5/10

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