The 100: (S03E01) ‘Wanheda: Part One’

The long anticipated premiere of the CW’s The 100 premiered last night and fans will not be disappointed. Even though the episode mostly focused on the aftermath of the Mount Weather massacre, viewers are mostly made aware of how those events have affected everyone. Notably, our beloved Jasper whose still suffering from losing his girlfriend.

Things have changed at Camp Jaha as well. For one its no longer called that, instead its now called Arcadia. There’s also a peace amongst the different tribes and the Sky People. However, that peace is about to be disrupted when a bounty is set for Clarks head. To avoid war, the Sky people and the grounders team up so they could find Clark before she is the cause of another war.

I liked this episode a lot. It wasn’t the usual amount of action but that’s not what I expected from the first episode. A lot happened last season and now our group of young heroes needed time to regroup. I liked the new order amongst everyone especially the new Sectors and rules. I also liked that the team could work together without hanging on Clarks every word.

I’m not sure where this season is headed, especially after they capture Clark. The mission John and Jaha are on still confuses me but I hope that situation is cleared up soon. It was a strong start to one of my favourite shows. Can’t wait to see what’s next.