The Blacklist (S03E11): ‘Mr. Gregory Devry’

untitled - The Blacklist (S03E11): 'Mr. Gregory Devry'The Blacklist (S3Ep11) ‘Mr. Gregory Devry’:Airdate January 22, 2016

This episode picks up right where we left, after Liz has been exonerated of he murders she didn’t commit (plus the one that she did). We had to know better, however, that her fight wasn’t anywhere close to over.

(Note: There is a fraud Reddington a.k.a Red in this episode. A man shows up claiming to be Raymond Reddington. Is he the fraud? Or is our Red someone else?)

Confused? So was Aram. Don’t worry, we’ll get to that part.

The opening scene shows Mr. Kaplan mastering one of those epic clean-ups to the tune of “Right Back Where We Started From”, and as soon as Mr. Kaplan and her crew are all ready to go, some dude shows up unexpectedly (and unwanted) and he shoot and kills all members of the cleaning crew. All but one. Mr. Kaplan. With gun in hand, this mystery man has come with a message, and Mr. Kaplan’s life is spared to deliver the message to Reddington: “Tell him we know.”

Red hears the news and he immediately jumps right back in. He has an assignment for Elizabeth. Liz wonders how Red isn’t completely exhausted, given the entire ordeal they have just been through. Red simply replies, “Your past three months have been what my life has been like for the last 25 years. I am often exhausted.” Looks like Red is ready to start treating Liz like a true partner, and not so much as a kid. Here they go.

Shell Island Retreat is just one of those oh, you know, criminal clubs. This club is called ‘Club Med’. This club is for leaders of the most lethal organized crime syndicates. It only gathers when the are presented with a problem so vast, it must be solved by enemies working together.

They need Red’s help for their huge problem, given Red’s linking to the exonerated fugitive Elizabeth Keen, while she was on the run, it would appear that Raymond Reddington, one of their own, is an informant for the FBI.

Remember when I dropped the f word- no not that one- this one: Fraud.

Well, these guys are in for a treat later because, apparently, there may be two Reds to deal with. Red shares tips on a travel agent’s address, in order to lead them to a man in possession of a homemade murder mystery.

After the meeting, he goes back to The Box, where Liz interrogates Red, and they perform DNA tests, and other tests. They don’t find a way to prove he is himself, or disprove who he is, since he disappeared 25 years ago. Cooper say it’s important to find out what he knows and how he knows it.

There was a lot of classified information on the board, and Red#2 (I guess we will call him…. the man from this episode who claims he is Reddington…). Actually, let’s just call him ‘Fred’. Fred sees the classified information and things he knows the secret to prove O.G. status: the leader of the Shell Island Retreat, Marcus Kalegeri, is about to abduct an FBI agent, and he’ll only reveal her identity if he can speak with the man who’s been impersonating him. Red takes over the mic.

Now it is Fred’s turn in The Box. He does well answering questions that only Raymond Reddington would know, but in my eyes (and Red’s) he gave himself away the moment he told them to use a polygraph test to see which Reddington was telling the truth- no one who asks for a polygraph is telling the truth.

Now FBI wants the criminals from Shell Island. Fred tells Liz he will reveal that, as long as he’s promised freedom. Of course they head back and Red is there in Fred’s spot, which looked really bad…. but the real reason he went…. he had something to prove: his identity, Raymond Reddington. All of the criminal overlords believe him to be a traitor, and FBI informant who has been turning them in for profit. His reputation was at stake, so he made a plan

The plan was to hire one of is friends (Gregory DeVry) to pose as a second Red and be discovered by the FBI, then the FBI would get Fred to reveal the location of Shell Island Retreat, and scheme on to prove himself. Lizzie was eventually caught on and was onboard. “Fred” was an imposter.

Red turns over his friend Gregory DeVry/Fred to Shell Island, and with proof of his imposter and informant status being his FBI wire, and kills him. He was about to die from stomach cancer, and he wanted that.

As if this isn’t enough drama so to speak for two episodes, squeezed into one, here are the last moments of the episode:



Liz walks up on Tom on the dock, and he is really excited to ask Liz to marry him. She isn’t sure. She doesn’t say no, she just says she has learned a lot, and for her personally she only knows what she wants today, and apparently that mean Tom. Cue Elizabeth and Tom sex scene.


Liz is now adapting pretty well. She is getting used to the mean mugging she gets, being that she was #1 on the FBI Most Wanted List.  She has an apartment, some fresh flowers from the market, doing well, all things considered. Well, those flowers she went to get at the market is the final moment before a fellow shopper follows her outside, beats the crap out of her, and calls her a traitor. It was awful and scary. In the end, it’s just some bruising and a couple broken ribs. The doctor assures her not to worry, and says, “The baby’s fine.” THE BABY IS FINE.

See you next week. That’s all for now, folks.