The Goldbergs (S03E13) “Double Dare”

My apologies for the delayed review.

Review: This week’s The Goldbergs focuses on the epic game show Double Dare (that was taped in Philly). Adam and Emmy have been watching it and always imagined how it would be if they were a team on the show. When the show is holding auditions at the school, Adam and Emmy are convinced that they will be the two to be picked for the show. Until Dave Kim tells Adam that he doesn’t stand a chance against his classmate Handsome Ben. Adam’s will to be on the show and to defeat Ben goes so far that he drops Emmy as his team member and adds Pops to his team: “Nothing wins people over more than an adorable old man..”. Of course Emmy gets mad at Adam for picking his grandpa over her and things get worse for him when Pops isn’t as great at the physical challenges as Adam had hoped. But the most terrible thing is that Emmy picked her new partner: Handsome Ben. When he reveals that they have been practicing together for months now, Emmy and Adam start fighting in the slime, which causes Emmy to be disqualified. Handsome Ben and his new partner Regular Amy get picked for the TV show and terrible best friends Adam and Emmy patch things up.

Meanwhile, when Barry finds out that it’s good luck to have Beverly in the room when the Eagles are playing, he wants her there every time, even though she doesn’t know anything about feetball, errr football. Murray however wants her gone and when he tells Bev that she can’t stay because she doesn’t know the rules, she goes to Bill Lewis who teaches her about the game. But when she can’t even understand the basics, Erica steps in to help. She teaches Beverly about football in terms she will understand: the football is Erica as a baby, and she needs to be protected from (out of state) college recruiters. This leads to a few brilliant football scenes, of Beverly playing football, making touchdowns and trash talking Erica. Murray isn’t happy with his wife learning football though, because he just wants time away from her. But after telling Beverly that, Murray feels guilty and (with some help of Erica) makes a scrapbook for her. Beverly also realizes that she needs time for herself, so eventually doesn’t mind Murray having his own thing in football.

The Double Dare storyline didn’t do a lot for me, maybe it has to do with the fact that I didn’t grow up with game shows, I don’t know. However, the storyline was still pretty funny and to see the real Handsome Ben and Amy really was a nice touch at the end of the episode! The other storyline was really hilarious in my opinion. My favorite parts were definitely Beverly trying to learn football. It was just very funny to see that and I think that Wendi McLendon-Covey did a great job in those scenes! I thought Erica helping both her parents out was great to see as well.

Rating: 8/10

If you want to watch the real Ben and Amy on Double Dare, please check this video!