Tremors 5 Bloodlines Movie Review (2015)

If your like me and a fan of the Tremors movies or at least Tremors 1-4 movies then you were probably excited to hear that a 5th movie was in the works. For those of you who do not know about the Tremors franchise I’ll give you a little summary, its about a group of people (different group in each movie some same characters replay their roles in some of the sequels) surviving an attack brought on by a giant death eating worm known as a Graboid. The movie that I am reviewing today is Tremors 5 Bloodlines.

In the movie Tremors Bloodlines opens with a film that introduces you all to two things that are important to the Tremors franchise; they are, Burt Gummer (Micheal Gross) and his intro to the world of the Graboids. You see the Graboids have 4 evolutions but they only step on 3 of the evolutions because thats all that Burt knows about; those evolutions are: Dirt Dragons aka Baby Graboids then becomes Graboids then becomes a Shrieker, then becomes an Ass-Blaster (hilarious name I know but a china woman came up with the name in the films that is). After we see the full presentation that Burt Gummer gives to us we are then taken to South Africa were we see 2 guys on what looks like a Safari Hunt, one of the hunters ends up falling into a hole where the other guy tries pulling the hunter that fell out of the hole but the Ass-Blaster took down the hunter and ate him. We are then introduced to this dick of a guy named Travis Welker (Jaimie Kennedy) looking for Burt Gummer’s (Micheal Gross) location and eventually finds it while Burt is filming a wildlife survival episode for his web-series. Travis then explains to Burt that he is he’s new camera guy and the current camera guy is being relieved from all duty. After they have a bit of an argument, Burt always trying to control the situation demands his current camera guy stays but the guy is already driving away in the Nevada dessert. Burt Gummer and his new camera guy Travis get introduced to a member Wildlife Industry of South Africa saying the Mr. Gummer there is a Ass-Blaster sighting; Burt denying there is no possible chance of an Ass-Blaster or Graboid sighting in Africa ends up getting intrigued by the Wildlife’s member description of an Ass-Blaster as if he knows someone who has seen one before. Burt and Travis then travel down to South Africa to investigate and are insured they would have weapons to fight the beasts, but are then denied proper weapons to destroy the Graboids and Ass-Blasters. But the one thing that irritates Burt the most is every Graboid and every Ass-Blaster is bigger than normal in Affrica. Will Burt and Travis destroy all these Graboids and Ass-Blasters? Or Will they become the next meal for the Graboids or Ass-Blasters? Or Will Burt become Lion food? Find out by watching the film!

Now I personally thought that this latest continuation of the films franchise could’ve been a lot more better. The one thing that really made this film just okay and not great was the fact that they chose to do CGI for the Graboids and Ass-Blasters. When your a 3D Modeler/Animator like me you tend to watch live action films to see how well the animations and CGI is. As for this film, the CGI for the Ass-Blasters was poorly done, they changed the design completely of the creature and made it hard to tell if you were looking at a Shrieker or an Ass-Blaster it wasn’t until the thing shot fire from its ass to fly is when you could tell it was  an Ass-Blaster. And I was even more disappointed that they never brought in the Shriekers to the main part of this film like how they did for part 3 in the Tremors franchise. I also had high hopes in thinking that this film was going to reveal a 5th evolution to the Graboids cycle but no instead they just stayed with the old 4 (or 3 in Burts dictionary) evolution cycle. As for the CGI for the Graboids, I feel like they did a decent job for that to where it didn’t irritate me as much as it did with the Ass-Blasters. But other than that this film had as always great acting, an interesting story (I never thought they could ever make it work in an Africa environment but they made it work), and as always great music. But sadly this 5th film could be the end of the franchise there hasn’t been any news yet of a 6th movie being made. Overall this film did keep the natural comedy that the other films kept which is a good thing. I would have to give this film a 3 1/2 out of 5 stars (I could give in and say a 4 if it wasn’t for that bad design of the Ass-Blaster CGI) however like I said the story was good so if you are wanting to watch a movie for the story then I would say this one is worth it. I would recommend this film to any person who is a fan of the Tremors franchise and if your not I would recommend you watching the first 4 films before watching the 5th one here.

Tremors 5 Bloodlines can be found on DVD/and or Blu-Ray or if your lucky enough it will air on Syfy channel from time to time.