Billions (S01E02): “Naming Rights”


So if you’d thought the pilot was good, this was definitely a step up right? I mean I’m sure some of you agree.

The nicest thing to see in Billions, is the passion that all of the workers have in this show, whether their working in Axe Capital or in the states attorneys office. 

So Bobby set up a fake SEC raid to see how well his company and workers would do, and it really didn’t turn out well, but damn was it entertaining to watch. I loved Wendy’s reaction to being kept in the dark though, I mean she’s probably one of the best new female characters of 2016.

It was really lovely to see Lara as the boss of her own restaurant business, for her to have something of her own, and not just be a guys girl but also independent. I mean in my experience of watching shows I’ve never seen a female character so supportive of her husband, but also has her own life in a way. 

Best part of tonight, besides the brilliance that is Maggie Siff, I mean Wendy is definitely the women you want on your team. But it also has got to be the Axe and Lara, I love their relationship, and how they work as a team to get what they want. The naming rights negotiation scene with the owners was really incredible, I mean that argument was truely amazing.

I really enjoyed last nights episode, so I’m eager to see what goes down between Axe and Chuck next week.