Lucifer: (S01E01) ‘Pilot’

I have to admit, when I first heard of “Lucifer” the devil who is tired of hell and comes topside to play but ends up working cases with the LAPD, I was skeptical. The trailer’s were good, but could it make a whole show’s worth of watching?  After last night’s pilot, I’m a skeptic no more. 

First thought – I love Tom Ellis as Lucifer. So far as I can tell, they picked the perfect actor. I love the way he portrays the character, and he has a charm about him like the devil should. His banter and one-liner’s made me chuckle the entire show. His tricks and the little bit of devil we saw in certain scenes tells we’ve just scratched the surface with that. I’m curious to see the darkest parts of him, as well as any special effects.

Let me start with saying music is an integral part of my life, and a movie or series with a great soundtrack is fantastic to me. I’ve always loved the songs they chose for Supernatural, for example. Lucifer started out strong (though maybe too obvious for some) with Cage The Elephant’s “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” and went on just as great with songs from (RIP) David Bowie, Beck, The Black Keys, and more. Loved it.

The show starts in Lucifer’s nightclub, where an archangel known as Amenadiel shows up (slowing time so mundane’s don’t get frightened, of course).He demands, on behalf of “Father” that Lucifer return home. Lucifer refuses, and the demon pulls out his pretty awesome wings. There is obvious animosity, especially when the demon shows up again towards the end of the show with another warning to return home, and Lucifer informs Amenadiel he’ll enjoy eating his heart one day. Somehow, he delivers that ominous line in a way that made me chuckle AND look forward to the gory fight scene. An old friend, Delilah, returns to Lucifer with some questions about her career, and they make their way outside. It’s obvious that the devil cares a bit for this girl. As he’s hugging her, a drive-by shooting takes place and the target is Delilah. Unfortunately for her, she’s on the outside of the embrace and catches the bullets. Lucifer is out for a second, but quickly makes his way to the car that shot, as it was hit by a bus right after the shooting. Lucifer interrogates the dying man, gaining a few tips before he dies.

LAPD Detective Chloe Decker arrives on scene, where another detective wants to conclude that it was a drug deal gone bad or something of the sort, since there is drugs on the shooter, and drugs in Delilah’s purse. Detective Dancer isn’t so convinced, and goes to interview their one witness – a Lucifer Morningstar. Yes, he gives that name freely all the time and yes he throws the word “immortal” and the phrase “you humans” around as well.  

Lucifer wants revenge for Delilah so he begins to follow the trail of ex-lovers and runs into Detective Decker along the way. The detective reluctantly brings Lucifer along as she investigates and part of that finds them in the office of Delilah’s therapist Linda, played by Rachael Harris. Great scene, by the way.

The tag team figures out the person who put the hit out on Delilah and when cornered, a shoot-out occurs. Detective Decker is hit and goes down. Lucifer ends up saving her, but not before he shows a glimpse of his real self to the scumbag and ends him. End with Lucifer back in his club, with his apparent sidekick Maze. He’s pondering why his tricks don’t work with Detective Dancer and why she has some sort of effect on him. Maze claims being with the humans is changing Lucifer. 

The series looks to be promising in the way of storyline, and how this devil will make a life topside, or bring about a war trying to do it. The actual police work was not in depth at all, and took a back seat to showcasing Lucifer. That could develop later in the series, after all, this was the pilot. Possible corny parts in the show but, I truly enjoyed it. We’ll see about the special effects and more characters. The banter back and forth doesn’t hurt, either. Add in the lovely detective Chloe and her adorable daughter and I dare say Luci may be the one in trouble, and not just from the underworld!

Rating: Forget numbers. I loved it, give it a try!