Shameless (S06E03): “Ghost Your Baby”


So as we can see, the morning sickness is really taking a toll on Fiona, I liked how we got to see this is the opening scene and how being pregnant is affecting her.

I can see the unethical means and ways of obtaining money hasn’t stopped for Frank, I mean he’s rented out their yard. And we know from his past actions, he isn’t afraid to use his children as pawns to get what he wants either. I mean, as long as I’ve know Franks character he’s never been a family man. So if you think he’s genuinely on Debbie’s side about the pregnancy, thing again. I mean later on in the episode, he’s basically telling her how to work her way around the welfare system in order to get the most amount of money.

Can I just say thanks to the writers for this line “I will set you on fire, in your fucking sleep”. I’m glad in the end Fiona told Sean that she was pregnant, I mean it would have be unfortunate if he had to hear it from Frank.

Lip and Ian, finally I haven’t had a good brotherly scene with them for as long as I could remember. But it turns out it wasn’t exact what I wanted it to be, I mean Shameless never is, and I mean that in the best way possible. It makes for really honest writing. While, I completely understood where Lip was coming from “I earned my space” I really thought he would’ve of seen that something was up with Ian earlier. I mean out of all the Gallagher’s, obviously aside from Fiona, he’s one of the best siblings, he’s always looking out for them.

Plus I felt really horrible for Ian in tonight’s episode. I could tell something was going on with him, it’s so heartbreaking to see Ian give up on life in a way, thinking that this janitorial job is the best he can do. I mean I agreed with Lip “No one told you to quit high school”. Then flash forward to Lip talking about how Ian used to get up really early and practice for ROTC, I would love to see him get back to that place. But obviously the news of being bipolar, hasn’t gone so well with Ian.

Okay so tonight, in my opinion, Debbie and Fiona shared some of the best scenes of the night. Especially their final scene of the night together, I mean I knew it had to be said, but it’s was so heartbreaking at the same time.

The reunion with Gus was gotta to be quite a shock to me even. I mean I knew he was going to be angry, but to humiliate her was really degrading. Hopefully this is an eye opener for Fiona and her dating life. Plus for disclosure, I never even liked Fiona and Gus, and the fact that they had got married, after hardly even knowing each other, had to be one of the most reckless things she’s ever done.

The most hilarious scene of the night, has to be the gun scene at the school, I mean clearly Carl has to take a break from selling all the weapons, seems like everyone in school, is carrying.

Lastly, Kevin and Veronica, I really hope that they can move pass this Yanis situation, I totally understood, how he feels terrible. But I don’t think he’s going to get over it as quickly as V would like him too.

I mean seriously can the Gallaghers ever catch a break, EVICTION. I cannot wait to see what happens next week.