Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S03E13): “The Cruise”

Review: Jake and Amy go on their first real vacation together, a week on a cruise ship with 77 activities! Amy, being Amy, has signed them up for 76 of them! Jake, however, has a different idea in mind: eating shrimp in bed for a week. But both their plans get thwarted when it turns out that the whole vacation was in fact set up by Jake’s “arch nemesis”, Doug Judy, also known as the Pontiac Bandit that Jake just can’t seem to defeat. Doug Judy lured Jake and Amy to the cruise ship, because he needs their protection, as he claims someone is after him. Eventually, Jake and Amy catch the perpetrator, and Doug Judy still gets away… But not before giving Jake (his best friend!) some much needed advice about taking an interest in Amy’s interests and how to keep her around. The episode ends with a sweet activity – salsa dancing (for widows) – and a first “I love you”. Awwww! 

Back at the precinct, Terry and Gina do everything they can to help Captain Holt get through the week. Captain Holt’s sister is in town and she’s as dramatic as Holt is stoic. Holt has every intention of making sure his sister leaves as soon as possible, even taking advice from Gina to “fight drama with drama” (leading to a GREAT scene where Holt complains about Kevin being away and Gina and Terry interrupt with mentions of crime not dropping and the mafia being active again). When he realizes that all his sister wants is some comfort, now that she’s left her husband, Holt steps up and they bond in the fort Holt has built just for them! Yes, an actual fort.

Finally, when an old lady dies, Charles and Rosa end up vying for her apartment. They try to woo her landlord, pulling out all the stops (Rosa even SMILES at him!), but in the end, the landlord decides to go with another applicant…which turns out to be himself, leading to Rosa and Charles figuring out that the landlord must have killed the old lady. And so another round of landlord-wooing begins!