Scorpion (S02E15): “Da Bomb” 


In tonight’s episode Team Scorpion was tasked with helping NASA with a top secret launch, but when they receive a threat to sabotage their mission, when Walters date from the previous night walks in with a bomb strapped to her chest. 

So the date was was so awkward, I mean I thought when Walter complemented her about her smile, things seemed fine, but it only went downhill from there. I felt so sad and heartbroken when she flat out said she hated the date, right in front of Paige and Toby . I mean ouch, that was a little harsh, although I mean she was is such a high pressure situation but still.

Turns out that the guy who was threatening Team Scorpion, was another Homeland agent, that they worked with before. Obviously things didn’t go to well for him, after their last mission together since he wanted to frame them for sabotaging a rocket launch.

OMG seriously must the writers torment me, I mean I adore the scenes Walter and Paige share, plus she just gets him and understands the person he is and accepts it. It’s the one thing I love most about this show and how they talk about that, feeling different and about conforming the norms of social interaction and society in general. 

So another great episode, I can’t wait for the next one, hopefully we’ll get more great scenes with Walter and Paige.