Shadowhunters (S01E03): “Dead Man’s Party”


Nice opening scene, Oh in my last review I forgot to mention how much I love the title sequence, it’s simple but very nice.

Picking up right where last weeks episode left off, tonight’s episode was really good. So as you know Simon was captured by the Vampires, Raphael and Camille the leader of the Vampires, so I liked the casting of these two from first mentions. But after seeing their performance it was just a reassurance of how perfectly they were cast. So I can’t wait to see even more of them in the upcoming episodes. 

In the last episode, when the Vamps had gotten Simon so easily and quickly I was a little surprised that the writers tackled this part of the book so quick. Ultimately I think it was the right choice after all, I enjoyed the way they did it all. Alberto was just perfect in tonight’s episode, I mean Simon was all over of the place, scared, nervous, I loved how he just kept talking and couldn’t keep his mouth quiet.

Clary pleads with Jace, Alec and Isabelle to help her rescue Simon from  The Hotel DuMort. Although Alec is skeptical he still helps a hand, while Izzy turns to her Seelie for Intel on a way into the Hotel DuMort.

So, I loved the scenes between Izzy and Alec, before we got snippets of their relationship, but it was so nice to see more of that. It was nice to see them touch the surface of Alec’s feelings for Jace, which is fairly obvious, if you haven’t yet picked up on that. For none book readers, it was really nice that they explained the meaning of parabatai. I hope that people can see the amazing bond that Jace and Alec have, cause I know from that last scene with them it becomes clear of the lengths Alec takes for Jace.

Also Dominic’s performance as Jace was a step up form last weeks, I really enjoyed his scenes with Clary tonight. It was nice to see more of their connection on screen, both in church yard scene where he was teaching Clary how to hold the blade correctly. The explanation of the ability of the weapon was actually surprisingly well said, I was curious to see how they would approach that but they did a nice job. Also the motorbike scene in the bar was a nice touch.

Just to mention, I love how they do the rune tattoos, it’s so authentic and the fact that they hurt when drawing them on is so realistic, it’s nice to see that.

Anyway I loved tonight’s episode, I can’t wait till next week. I’m really enjoying the television adaption of Shadowhunters so far.