Superstore (S01E07): “Color Wars”


Tonight’s episode involved the workers of Cloud 9 competing against in each other for a $100 dollar bonus. They were spilt into two teams, the red team vs the gold team, the winning team had to reach the most sales at the end of the day.

At first no one cares about the competition, but then Glenn tells Amy about the bonus, and at the moment Amy would love the bonus and is in need of it. So obviously everyone loves this idea, but Jonah struggles with the whole morality of convincing a customer to purchase expensive items. So it’s turns out the customers he’s trying to convince turns out to be Amy’s husband! I loved this.

So only the gold team is aware of the bonus, until Garrett figures out something weird is going on, and this is where things get funs, it’s awesome to see all the other workers in the store besides the main cast members. I’ve gotta say I was really loving Brett, he seemed to be standing around all day, but apparently his was getting the most sales for the red team. It was kinda funny. 

In the end the gold team one, and turns out Garrett one the $100 bonus anyways.

Can’t wait for the next episode, as usually this show is hilarious and I can’t wait to see what happens next.