The Fosters (S03E11): “First Impressions”


So, the second half of the Fosters is finally back and it was an average episode. Loved the opening scene though, whoever composes the piano pieces for Brandon is excellent, I absolutely adore them. In tonight’s episode is official Callie is now adopted into the Adams Family, which means whatever feelings Brandon and Callie have for each other, have to be put aside yet again. 

So as Callie does, she throws herself into her Fost and Found website, which has been getting so much good publicity and attention it draws in an investor, who I personally don’t trust one bit. I mean she seems really sketchy, I mean it’s clear she has other motives, I mean I have my guesses, but I’m still not sure. 

On the other hand, after Brandon’s performed at Disney Hall, he is approached by a recruiter from Julliard. But he’s worried that his Mums can’t make it financially he doesn’t tell them, which is really unfortunate cause it’s such an amazing opportunity. In the end they do find out and urge him to go, it’s one of the reasons Stef and Lena are amazing parents and my favourite part of the show. 

Mariana is running for junior class president this season, which is awesome. However it seems like the return of her best friend Lexie isn’t all the good news I hoped it would be. Since her friendship with Emma conflicts with hers and Lexie’s especially since there both such different people.

Jesus is back from wrestling school, and to be honest I really wasn’t ready for this new actor to take over Jake T Austins place I mean I’ve been a fan of his forever, since his days on Wizards of Waverly Place. Just as I’m sure a lot of others are too, that’s why the adjustment to another actor is defintely going to take time. And honestly I wish they hadn’t done it.

So Mike discovers a secret that AJ is keeping, which puts him in such a terrible situation and he in the whole episode he’s really torn  about what to do with the information. 

Jude must face the fact that his boyfriend has decided to move away, and a serious medical issue for Stef is going to make for some complicated drama for the rest of the season.