The Shannara Chronicles (S01E05): “Reaper”


Another incredible episode, wow I will keep saying it, every episode just gets better and better, the stakes and everything improve in such a well written way. I never mentioned before in my last review, but less just take a moment for the awesomeness that is The Shannara Chronicles title sequence.

In tonight’s episode of the Reaper, we started off with a flashback of The Reaper coming into the palace. We got to meet Amberle’s father and woah does the character life up to everyone’s expectations, so honourable and kind. Plus it was lovely how her father encouraged her to be better and not let society stop her from doing anything. I mean he was the one who suggested she run in the Gauntlet Race.  So it was honestly heartbreaking to watch him die, and the fact that Amberle saw her father laying there dead was terrible. I loved this flashback, and it was an excellent first one.

The makeup, costume and props department deserve an applause, I mean the visual look for the Gnome was kinda unexpected but only in the best way possible.

Carrying on their journey,  Will is desperate to gain back Amberle’s trust, and he is persistent in that, although to say Eretria tricked him twice was obviously a lie. I mean the first time she tricked him, I’ll give him that he was naive, but the second chance he played a part in trusting her so the blame can’t fully be hers. 

As much as it’s clear that Eretria wants her freedom, she also won’t do it at the expense of others. I mean I saw her face when her father was being so forward and rude to Amberle, so I’m glad she came back to help her, even if she says its for be money. I know better, I can see that Eretria is a good person, she clearly never let he life and growing up dictate how she makes decisions.

Bandon is such an interesting character, I have yet to figure him out. I mean he seems like he’s genuine is wanting to help everyone. I liked seeing him work with Allanon in trying to learn how to control his powers instead of fearing them every time his touched someone. 

So I know we all love to hate or just love a good love triangle sometimes, but the whole brothers loving the same girl is clearly never going to end any time soon. So myself personally I like Ander as a character, I mean he’s just more likeable, plus his such a good Uncle to Amberle. Whereas Arion, is headstrong and stubborn, so currently I don’t like his character as much, so I’m not sure how I feel about either relationship at the moment.

I’ve got to say, I was surprised Cephalo helped Will defeat that monster, I mean taking in the fact his own life was in danger, I was sure he would take off. So I’m really curious to see what will happen with them next week.

Seriously that cliffhanger, I mean talk about suspense, now we have to wait a whole week to see what happens next. I mean whatever assumptions and guesses I make never seem right, the creators really know how to keep us on our toes.