June Movie Review (2015)

When you hear of demonic possession, what are some of the first movies that come to your mind? For me its like the Exorcist, Exorcism of Emily Rose, etc. But in this film that I am talking about today its not your normal demonic possession film. The film I’m talking about today is June!

In the film June we are introduced to a family going to a satanic ritual with their baby (and you guessed it the baby is June) the ritual was to sacrifice the childs innocent soul so a demonic one would take its place in the body. However the ritual was not fully successful because of an interruption; therefore the baby became possessed by a demon but still had it’s own soul in the body as well. We are then taken years later when June (Kennedy Brice) is an 11 or 12 year old girl; shes been passed through foster family after foster family, however all the foster families that she goes to there ends up being a “disaster” that happens. When June meets this new foster family she is very very happy, but there is an existence in June that hates her happiness and tries to destroy that happiness that she has for her new foster mother and father Dave and Lily Anderson. Its not too long til the foster father Dave Anderson (Casper Van Dien) notices strange things happening in the house. With plates floating in the air, strange cold spots in the house, he starts thinking the house is haunted. However Lily Anderson (Victoria Pratt) starts realizing that if June wants her freedom, and if she wants to keep June she is going to have to fight a new generation of the satanists that are now after June’s demon possessing June therefor killing June to complete the ritual. Will June survive the ritual? Will Lily, Dave, and June live happily ever after? Or will all Hell be brought down to earth? Find out by watching this film!

Honestly I’ve never watched any film by L. Gustavo Cooper before, but this film had a very interesting concept to it. Ever since 2013 when the film was being announced for a theater release I was waiting and waiting for this film to come out; but never did until it was then announced for a immediate DVD release. The film has a good brand of horror, and trust me with a lot of the films that have come out throughout the years for horror genre this one did phenomenally well. I always felt like June’s inner demon who she named Wind was interesting that the demon would only come out if June was hurt or being bullied I mean hell I’m sure every kid who has been bullied wishes they had a demon to watch their back like how June had it. Overall I would give this film a 4 out of 5 stars! The effects were done well, you could tell they kinda had a short budget because they never had June wear anything until like close to the end of the film. But like I said its a great film to watch!

June is now available on DVD/and or Blu-Ray