Suits (S05E11): “Blowback”


Finally, Suits is back and wow, the wait was worth it. The mid season return picks up right where we left off. Mike has been arrested for fraud and is now under investigation by a ruthless prosecutor, Anita Gibbs.

Meanwhile, over at Pearson, Spector, Litt Harvey has just resigned, although no one is currently aware of that except for Jessica. Also Rachel is completely stressed out and worried about Mikes arrest. So obviously she turns to Harvey for help, and now they have to figure out how to build a defence for Mike. Which makes it even more complicated given that they know he’s guilty of the accused crime. To protect both Mike and the firm, Harvey has to maintain appearances as if he still works there, without coming into the office. Which means it’s up to Jessica to deal with Hardman, so she’s enlists Louis help.

The performances in tonight’s episode, were just stunning. Meghan Markle played Rachel with the perfect mix of emotions, as a viewer I was enthralled, I loved every second of it.

Having no clue of what to do and how to help, Rachel reaches out to her Dad, which clearly she’s didn’t think through. Cause damn is he mad when he visits Mike, which is obvious for simple reasons. Giving Mike the only option he has, to turn Harvey in for his freedom, Mike doesn’t even think twice, since it will always be a NO. I mean seriously have you seen their friendship, for fans like me who have watched this show from the start, I myself personally know that will never happen.

Okay so Louis, is definitely rattled by Mikes arrest, since he goes over to Donnas place just to tell her, that she has to separate herself from Harvey and Mike. Although we all know Donna, and there’s not a chance in hell that would happen. One thing, I always loved about Suits, is the bond of friendship that this whole cast has, and it’s clear on screen too. Donna goes over to Rachel’s to see how she is, and you can tell is not going well at all, I mean the wine was a sign. Again Meghan Markle, was absolutely excellent, she’s got amazing control in her emotions, and I loved seeing it encapsulate Rachel throughout the whole episode.

Gina Torres, is such a badass, the conviction that she’s portrays Jessica with is so intriguing to watch. I loved her scene with Jack, she holds herself in such a high stature, also just seeing a female in a higher position of power is always nice to see. Also some of her best scenes, are shared with Louis, and they had a lot of really good moments in tonight’s episode. Especially the mud scene, I’ve got to say I would have never guessed I would see Jessica visiting Louis when he goes muddling. I’ve gotta just have a little bit of a fan moment, just to take time to say I love that whole line about how Jessica has read The Lord of the Rings, cause it was about power, but Louis is like I thought it was about friendship. Thanks to the writers for that little bit.

Seriously Mike, how could you let your feelings and emotions be dictated for a little while, by that US Marshal. I mean you’ve know Rachel for more than 5 years now, I can’t believe he thought any less of their relationship. That scene with Mike and Rachel had was kinda heartbreaking, but brutally honest too. So at least he got it all out, and she got her feelings out too, I’m glad they said it. But also his feelings are so heightened, he’s all over the place. I mean just when things get heated between them, Harvey has to come in, talk about the drama.

After being accused by Jessica for not being a team player, Louis fires Donna, I was in awe of this scene, it was the most selfless thing, I have ever seen Louis do and I loved every moment of it. Yes, for the Darvey fans out there, we finally got a beautiful, sweet moment between Harvey and Donna, I’m so excited that she’ll be working for him again. Honestly it’s also the best time for that to be happening again.

First things, first, they’ve gotta figure out the question we’ve been asking ourself over the whole break WHO SOLD MIKE OUT? I was so glad to see Abigail Spencer back, I adore her, plus Scottie is one of my favourite characters that came out of Suits. Honestly Harvey, I know he has issues with trust, but the fact he thought she would do that do him, kinda hurt, even if Mike was asking Harvey to ask, he still did it. On the other hand, Trevor is the next suspect, I mean he’s done it before, so who’s to say he wouldn’t do it again, especially since like he said, he didn’t want to drag his family into all of this.

Robert comes to visit Rachel, and I knew everything that was going to happen in this scene, but watching it was so gut wrenching and emotionally overwhelming. I mean we all knew that her family would never take this news well. They would never accept that Rachel has chose this life for herself Two words, devastatingly brilliant.

Up till this point, I’m not sure who is the whistleblower, and I personally don’t want it to be a few people, cause it would come as a shock if they were the one to pull the string, so to speak. I guess we will see, a lot of fans have been saying Rachel’s mum, is the one who did this, but I’d love to know what all of you think? I cannot wait to see the rest of the season, plus I don’t even have to wait for the news of renewal since it was announced a while back that Suits will be returning with a Season 6.