The Flash: (S02E12) ‘The Reverse-Flash Returns’

The Flash has so many speedsters now that it’s loosing it’s touch. With an addition of a superpower dude (Xisco) who can see the future like the twilight vampire Alice. 
This means that they now know when to expect a problem. 
And a lot of hype about seeing Reverse Flash last episode to only see him go away at the end to his world like seriously a 40 minutes wasted on trying to show how the Reverse Flash will be sent back and the only important part there was the Chuck style glasses, Turtle & The Flash mix up Wells is doing and how Patty discovered but he lied to her oh and Iris’s mother is on her last breath. 
Basically nothing much with a lot of time wasting and plot extension for no reason.

Hopefully better days are coming ahead!