Colony (S01E03): “98 Seconds”


To start of, I should probably say I really enjoy this show. It’s very we’ll written, and the characters are complex and interesting.

In last nights episode, Katie had her first mission with the Resistance, and let’s just say things didn’t go as planned. As a result of this incident, throughout the whole episode, we can see her struggle with her commitment to the cause, which is understandable under the circumstances.

On the other hand, Will is still hunting Geronimo, which brings him so close to discovering the Resistance. Which causes a lot of pressure for Katie, she has to get Intel that greater outweighs the damage that Will creates as he gets closer to them.

Meanwhile, their son Bram’s girlfriend reveals a big secret about their colonised wall, hopefully this means a way out, which will give us more answers. 

Anways I loved this episode, cant wait to see what happens next.