The 100: (S03E02) “Wanheda: Part Two”

After last weeks strong premiere, episode two had to deliver and like always the show did. This episode was stunning from start to finish. It had all the usual drama, action and suspense that fans of the post-apocalyptic show are used to.

I loved the new images of this new world and learning about the Ice Nation Grounders. We also meet new survivors from the Arc. However, these new ‘allies’ might not be what the Arcadia people need. I know from the trailers the new additions will be causing some trouble especially the character of Pike. I’m excited to see that rivalry develop.

Another new addition is the Ice Nation warrior named Roan. He was the bulky guy that kidnapped Clarke in episode one but it soon becomes clear that Roan has some secrets. He helps keep Clarke out of reach from the Ice Nation and even spares Bellamy’s life. This speaks volumes for his character.

I honestly didn’t think that we’d see Lexa this soon in the season. Not that I’m complaining because she is one of my favourite characters. A war with the Ice Nation now looks definite. These different plotlines could become confusing if done badly but the show did a great job at keeping the episode clean and focused.

Loved every minute. Emotional, suspenseful and full of heart.