The Originals: (S03E10) ‘Ghost of the Missisipi’

What a time to be alive! 
So much happened in so little time, the exact reason why series are better than watching a movie is that there is always another episode to look for that will blow your mind!
Jackson is killed, now this was just wrong timing for a guy that survived a fight against an original and has managed to go up and down only to be killed by Tristan like that is just bad.

But now the whole Elijah & Hailey thing will happen as she said ’till death do us part.’
In another part we saw that Camille is alive and well, I had a theory she has blood in her system and would be a live because she is too much of a ‘Felicity’ type thing the girl who is innocent likes the bad guy which attracts a lot of people’s attention (not mine). This is actually kind of sucky as the part where everyone wanted to see Klaus go berserk is not going to happen but we are soon going to be seeing Camille do some damage the way she was loving the blood.
At the same time we now have the two villains left as Tristan is gone for good. It is interesting to see how that fares for the rest of the season.
All in all it was a spectacular episode!