The Vampire Diaries: (S07E10) ‘Hell is other people’

I actually enjoyed this episode, something which I haven’t had the pleasure to do so for the past few seasons. 

The whole repetition became hilarious as he always ended up trying to get back to the start to the point where he is restarting it.

Obviously he was going to come back to start the story in the next episode as he suffered enough while it was on ‘break’ but what they decided to do is to add the suspense in the end where he thinks he is back to the part of Bonnie waking him up but in reality he is back for real.

His brother will be up as he didn’t rip the heart out, but Bonnie could be hurt and Caroline could loose the baby but she is a vampire plus it’s vampire diaries I doubt anything will happen to them just him feeling guilty in the next episodes.

They seriously need to make the next a bomb to continue with the flow.