Undateable Live Season 3

Undateable Live aired its hourlong season finale last Friday. Because of lack of time (and motivation), I haven’t reviewed many episodes of the show this season. I did watch all the episodes that aired on the East coast and some West coast versions as well. This is why I decided to write a review of the show’s third season as a whole.

After two seasons of episodes recorded way in advance of when they were broadcasted (with the exception of a 1 hour live episode in season 2), it is a risky move to change the whole format, to a show with just live episodes. In the first episodes of this season you could really see that the writers didn’t know how to shape the show exactly. To me the fourth wall was broken a little too often, and even though these first episodes were funny, it felt like the show could be better and was just missing something. But I enjoyed the show enough to keep watching because, like I said, it was very funny and I also very much enjoyed the musical guests.

But after a couple of episodes it all fell into place for me, and everything felt right. It seemed like cast (and crew) found the perfect balance between sticking to the script or adlibbing and between staying in character or breaking the fourth wall. What I also really love about this format is the fact that they can write about current events. For example the mention of Kanye West in the last episode, but also the stance against ISIS in the episode after the Paris terrorist attacks.

I think Undateable has really found its place, and I hope that NBC thinks the same about that and renews it for a fourth season!