Billions (S01E03): “Yumtime”


Yes, so if you’ve been reading these reviews, you’ll know that I love this show. But tonight’s episode of Billions has got to be the best one yet. There were a lot of really good moments from tonight’s episode.

I just have to mention that opening scene though, with the dog shit, that was really harsh also totally disgusting. But it was so hilarious to watch. Paul was excellent in this scene, he played to with such conviction, though he does all his scenes I particularly love this one. 

Chuck discovers that while he was pursuing Steven Birch. The rival Eastern District has made progress in the Axe case. Ultimately we see him try everything to get it back from them, so in order to do so Chuck trades to regain control of a key witness Pete Decker. 

Meanwhile, Axe is making a play for Yumtime, which is a family owned bakery corporation. This is a personal hit for Chuck, since his father has ties with Yumtime. 

Wendy is defintely the character I watch out for, just cause she’s written extremely well, but also since Maggie Siff is brilliant. She’s thrown into a moral dilemma when she’s discovers that one of the few female portfolio managers at Axe Capital is going to have her career sabotaged. I guess their are a lot of perks to being the inside council.

Although everyone had their moments tonight, Malin Akerman defintely stole the show tonight, guess Lara’s threat was no joke at all. I loved seeing her play’s throughout the whole episode tonight. I mean the lengths she was going to all to protects Axes reputation from a book were terrifying but so clever and smart at the same time. It was awesome to watch her reactions and the complete mess that the author was in from it all.

Anyways, until next week!