Just Jillian ( S1 E2 ) ” Comedy of Errors “

Just Jillian ( S1 E2 ) ” Comedy of Errors ” 

Air Date 1 / 26 / 2016
In this hilarious episode we find Jillian trying to balance between home and business. She and partner Heidi, who wants to marry Jillian, but Jillian wants no part of marriage, are juggling 3 homes. Their main home in the city, a beach house which has been a work in progress for 5 yrs and a farm, which is beautiful property, however the house is somewhat of a train wreck. Jillian wants to ” Take It Down To The Ground ” while Heidi likes the let’s say, oddities, such as a tree growing out of the living room floor, a frog painted on a bathroom tile and mirrors on ceilings. Just the expressions on Jillian ‘ s face throughout the walk through are hysterical. Returning to the beach house the interior designer is trying to convince Jillian to spend $ 41,000 on outdoor furniture. This is one of my favorite scenes in this episode. For all wondering, she did not purchase the furniture that according to her ” lives outside, gets rained on, dogs that pee on it and two kids who smear boogers all over things . ” Just about ready to occupy, they find out neither one of their cars will fit into the garages at the same time. Sweet Heidi was trying to make the best of it saying she could pull in like this or turn like that. Jillian wanted this fixed so she could ” effing pull straight in. ” She then very calmly turned and left the garage. When all is said and done , the couple have a house warming party where we get to meet some of her closest friends. I do believe Heidi remarked that her car still doesn’t fit in the garage. Jillian ‘ s response was ” buy a new car ” while Heidi immediately said ” no “. Gotta love um! Jillian has a business trip planned for a week in New York and her business partner / friend Gian Carlo is there making arrangements along with Jillian ‘ s assistant Nichole, who is very young. Jillian decides this would be a great trip to bring Lu, her daughter along. Just the look on Gian Carlos face says it all. Long story short, Lu will be going. He tells Nichole to book Lu a ticket also. Jillian requested that the hotel they would be staying in, the room needed to be above the 34 th floor because of the view. Nichole gives her a ” got it “. On arrival at the airport they find out not only did Nichole not purchase a ticket for Lu, but also didn’t book return flights home. NOW we see some steam starting to bubble up from Jillian. Kaos ensues and Nichole is in tears. Once in New York, the hotel is not as Jillian requested. She opens the curtains to a view of another window with a lady in a pink bath robe that gives her a friendly wave. She handles this better than we would think with only a few ” Im going to kill her! ” Jillian begins her non stop schedule. Between meetings and photo shoots, she received several texts from Heidi that their son had spent the night in the hospital due to bleeding tonsils which he has been to sick to have removed. There goes Jillian ‘ s concentration in her business meetings. She makes it clear that if she is needed at home she will drop everything and go. Sounds like a fantastic mother and partner. She does manage to get some one on one time with her daughter showing her some of the sights of New York. These are precious and heart warming moments. Upon returning home, Jillian has a heart to heart talk with Nichole about the mistakes that were made and we see just how gracious Jillian really is. She restores the self confidence that Nichole needs. This was raw emotion coming from Jillian. Her true kindness and big heart literally had me in tears. As far as marriage goes, we will have to wait that issue out along with Heidi. This is a must see episode. It’s so hard to capture and review all scenes. This couple have no pause or stop buttons. You will fall deeper in love with Jillian if that’s possible. Great show for all ages.