Shameless (S06E04): “Going Once, Going Twice”


In tonight’s episode of Shameless, Ian is in awe of the firefighter that saved his life from last weeks episode. So much so that he bakes him cookies, but then we see that he has an appreciation for them. So hopefully we’ll see future visits, I’ve got to say, it was really nice to see a lighter happier optimistic side of Ian. I would really like to see him have some sort of a purpose again. 

Meanwhile, Frank is still supporting Debbie with her pregnancy, he’s kinda taking it a little to far, if you ask me. I mean, he’s trying to set her up with a dying cancer patient, who looked ancient, he could of been her great grandfather. Now he found a guy with kids and a dying wife. Seriously, There are no lines Frank would not cross, to make sure his own selfish needs are meet.

The eviction notice, is still hanging over my head from last weeks episode. Fiona is so stressed out in tonight’s whole episode frantically trying to get enough cash for a down payment on a loan to purchase their house from a mortgage sale. Turns out she has good credit, who knew.  I absolutely loved the family meeting scene, it was especially hilarious when Carl’s offers to pay the $3000 dollars. Ian and Sean were so impressed, their reactions were amazing.

Carl is still obsessed with his ‘Angel’ trying to impress her with all sorts of gifts. While Lip goes on a seminar with Helene, and we finally see her true feelings towards Lip surface.

Kevin is still distraught over cutting the brakes of Yanis bike, who is getting used to being paralyzed. But he’s not taking it well at all, he’s obsessed with getting revenge on who did this to him. Meanwhile Veronica, is trying to figure out how to get more customers for their bar, since the new hipster bars that opened up are taking all their customers.

So when Fiona makes a joke about crashing at Sean’s place, his reaction isn’t what i expected at all. Then we found out that he didn’t want her to stay with him, since he was keeping a secret from her. He killed someone and that’s how he ended up in prison, I was honestly surprised by this and I couldn’t quite read Fiona,  I’m curious to see how she feels about this.

Just to mention, I loved the music from tonight’s episode, Shameless doesn’t usually incorporate music into the scenes but tonight they did,and it was great.

This ending scene was so heartbreaking, I mean their the Gallagher’s, they’ve gone through so much and still survived. But now its even worse, since they no longer have a roof over their heads. I’m really worried, I have no clue what there going to do. I’m so psyched to see the next episode,  I cant wait too see what Season 6 has in store for us.