Recovery Road (S01E02): The Art of The Deal


    Last night’s episode of Recovery Road was fascinating at the very least. Lots of drama comes out of each storyline and more things are found out every second. There’s twists and surprises around every corner.

    Maddie’s beloved unicorn figurine was missing, and she was determined to find it, and she had a good idea of who did it. Rebecca. We find out they used to deal together, and when Rebecca was caught, Maddie did nothing, which was the reason Rebecca hated her so much on Maddie’s first day. Maddie also reunited with her friends and they went to the movies, making fun of Rebecca, who worked there, and brought alcohol, which Maddie refused to drink, a good sign of recovery.

Turns out that Trish broke Maddie’s figurine, and when pills fell out of it, she sold them. Maddie was angry, but she was relieved Trish was the one to find them and not someone who would rat her out. She accused Rebecca of stealing it, though, and she apologized. Maddie had been looking through Rebecca’s stuff trying to find it and she found a stuffed bunny with hidden pills inside of it. She gave them back to Rebecca, but she took them back, because you shouldn’t give pills back to a recovering addict. Rebecca tells her they aren’t pills for getting high, and that they help with recovery, so Maddie gives them back.

Maddie’s mom is still trying to get used to Maddie’s situation. She has finally told one of her friends what is going on, and I believe she is finally coming to terms with it. Wes and Maddie are being VERY flirty as well, which is something I am definitely going to watch out for.

Over all, last night’s episode gave lots of new information which was really interesting. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for all the storylines and characters.