Brooklyn Nine Nine: (S03E14) “Karen Peralta”

Review: Amy meets Jake’s mom! For Jake’s birthday, Amy and Jake decide to visit Jake’s mom (played by the ever so wonderful Katey Sagal!!!). Amy, being Amy, has done her research and knows exactly what to talk about to impress Karen: Jane Seymour, Diane Keaton and front doors. Or anything except Jake’s dad and how he ruined their lives. 

At Karen’s, Jake finds out that his mom is dating again. Her new boyfriend? His dad, Roger, who ruined their lives. Jake, of course, is not happy about this at all. He tries to convince his dad to leave, even throwing in a game of charades to convey the message, and for a hot minute it works. That is, until he talks to his mom. Karen, unlike Jake, is convinced that Roger has changed and she’s willing to try again. Reluctantly, Jake accepts that his parents are dating. 

Boyle and Rosa are working on an investigation and wearing body cams on Terry’s orders. Somehow, arresting their suspect ends up exposing a very naked Charles to Rosa’s body cam. Though Boyle and Rosa try to forget this ever happened, they’re forced to relive the unfortunate incident when the suspect’s lawyer demands to see the footage… on a giant HD flatscreen tv, of course! Everyone is subjected to Charles’s testicles and right under them and between his thighs, they find the proof they need to beat the lawyer. 

Finally, for Holt, Gina and the two most competent cops at the precinct, Scully & Hitchcock, the clock is ticking as they’re locked in an “escape room”. But a decent amount of team work and the combined skills of the four lead them to all the keys they need to make it out in time. Scully and Hitchcock? Not so useless after all!