Superstore (S01E08): “Wedding Day Sale”


In tonight’s episode, Cloud 9 was having a Wedding a Day sale, so far this has got to be one of my favourite episodes, it was hilarious.

It’s Cloud 9’s annual wedding day themed sale,  and it’s chaotic, the shoppers are so intense and frantic with each other. As we know Amy got married young, so when she sees that Bo and Cheyenne are blowing up all their savings on lavish wedding supplies, she has to intervene. So in order for them to not get to freaked out about the costs that goes into raising a child, she makes it into a game. Which doesn’t end up to well since Bo freaks out and runs out.

Being the good friends that they are, also Amy feels guilty about the whole thing, she and Dina team up to search for him and enjoy their unlikely car adventure together. This whole car scene was the best,  it was so funny, and seeing Dina outside of work is nice, she’s got such a unique personality it’s fun to watch.

Meanwhile, Jonah and Garrett try to cheer up Cheyenne by helping her brainstorm ideas and themes for the wedding. Which doesn’t go as easy as you think it would, I mean earlier they agree do on the idea of a wedding. But when it comes to the specifics they definitely have different views.

Determined to show that not all Christians are against gay marriage, Glenn enlists the help of Mateo to assist a gay couple with their wedding planning.