The Bachelor: (S20E05) “Week 5: Mexico City”


The Bachelor and his eleven prospective wives headed to Mexico last night where jealousy skyrocketed and love grew hesitantly. The episode began at 4:30 in the morning as Ben woke the girls up in search for his one-on-one date, Amanda. “This is what I’m up for,” he smiled looking more awake than he should be, “Just to see these girls in their element.” Yes, Ben, because nothing is better than eleven groggy girls with messy hair and retainers. 

During the one-on-one date, after a hot air balloon excursion, Amanda opened up and we, the viewers, saw a fatherly side of The Bachelor. Ben expressed sincere emotions about wanting to make sure Amanda and her daughters were respected and loved. And it was adorable. I think I even saw his eyes water. 

The conclusion of this date brings Ben and the girls to their group date, in which the audience endures a Spanish class full of jealous and timid girls trying to speak a new language. Immediately, the girls scramble to get a seat close to Ben during the group date. And then it gets awkward when Jubilee “throws a little ‘tude” and rejects Ben’s “te amo.” Jubilee goes on to sulk as Olivia and Ben pretend to propose to each other. Later on, Jubilee and Olivia face some more tension as they fight over who gets to be Ben’s partner in the Mexican cooking competition. At this point, both girls are getting way too annoying to watch. 

Lauren B. and Ben went on a long romantic walk through the city during the cocktail hour of the group date. It was a lot of kissing, but it was cute. However, those feelings weren’t mutual to the other girls who grew anxious as the seconds ticked by. Immediately following their return, Ben is thrown into an emotional, confusing conversation with Jubilee. In true Bachelor style, the producers left us waiting through the commercial break to see if Jubilee would be sent home during the conversation, just as they will do at the end of the episode with a dramatic cliffhanger. In Jubliee’s case, Ben made the difficult decision to admit to her that their connection no longer existed and sent her home before the end of the date. 

The rest of the episode lacked the level of drama present during the first half, but was filled with classic Bachelor tension — elaborate dates (in fact, Ben and Lauren H. walked a catwalk during Mexican Fashion Week) and Olivia stirred up trouble — even after receiving a rose at the group date. Emily, one half of the original, identical twins, opened the discussion of Olivia’s two-sided personality with Ben, crying so much Ben lovingly admitted the he could not love someone who made Emily so sad which was incredibly adorable. But, now we have to wait six days to find out what Ben and Olivia discussed during the impromptu conversation Ben began just as Chris Harrison was ushering him away from the girls. Will Olivia be sent home and stripped of her rose? Or will she be able to convince Ben with her ‘First Impression’ charm again? And what the heck is all that girl drama in the teaser? We’ll just have to bare through the suspense these next six days until our TV screens light up again with crying girls and a handsome guy who says things like, “I’m no longer the Bachelor, I’m the Spatular.”