The Flash (S02E12) “Fast Lane”

Ever since they started The Flash series it has had a kind of vibe (no pun intended) about the show. On episode 12 titled as Fast Lane we see interesting events unfold with a new meta unleashed, breaches being calculated to be closed, and some very interesting details dealing with the West family.

In the beginning of the episode we visit back to when it all started with the Particle Accelerator exploding featuring the origin story of our main meta-human in the episode (that later gets a name). We then return to present time and with Team Flash trying to figure out how to  close all 52 breaches and even though it seems still impossible Barry has an idea. While we see Wells or I should say Harry is involved in his on the side experiment in how to steal the Flashes speed, as Harry is messing with Turtle’s brain DNA that he stole from the source himself and calculates it with Flashes speed realizing that it wont be a good enough solution to stop Zoom’s speed like how he and the rest of the team had hoped. We then cut to a man closing up the car garage or whatever it might’ve been when he sees a spill (or so he thinks its a spill) when the spill then transforms to a man who the other guy knows as Joey (who supposedly died during the night of the Particle Accelerator destruction) but instead Joey was united with the Tar that he was dumped in. Joey kills the guy by molting him alive or in other words crisp him alive like how lava would kill someone.

We then notice that Barry is feeling unusual with himself, the first one to notice is Cisco who asks Barry if he’s okay. When Barry says that everything is fine we don’t think much of it until we see Harry look at the Flash suit very menacing. So then we go into other people that Joey or what Cisco ends up naming him as Tar Pit had business with before he vanished off the face of the earth. While that is going on Barry helps Harry in an experiment in closing 1 of the 52 breaches; Harry creates a experimental device to close the breach while Barry is out saving a hitman named Clay from being charcoaled alive by Tar Pit. When Barry runs back Harry is then done with the device and Barry and Harry try it out in one of the breaches and success it works. We then go to were the Wally West is in a drag race one that Tar Pit interrupts by trying to exact his revenge; Tar Pit flips Wally’s car and the Flash running 2% slower than normal saves Wally from the car but the car flips and crashes flips and crashes and the glass of the car is flying towards Iris. Barry can’t save Iris and the glass stabs her in the shoulder. In the end we hear that Team Flash is going to Earth-2

Now honestly I really enjoyed this episode especially where Cisco showed off his created phone app to track down Meta-Humans which is pretty cool and it comes with its own ringtone which is a classic classical piece titled as O`Fortuna gotta love that song. I thought that it was an interesting episode especially introducing Tar Pit. They once again showed a pizza box of Coast City; Wally opens up about his childhood to Iris and opens up to how much he truly loves speed, and they also talked about Oliver Queen’s mayoral campaign.

I’m looking forward to Episode 13 ‘Welcome to Earth-2’

Ratings: not-posted yet

Air Date: February 2, 2016