The Muppets (S01E11) “Swine Song”

Review: A retooled The Muppets! First, let me just say that I liked The Muppets before the winter break, so it didn’t need to change for me. But I understand why ABC wanted to retool it, and I hope that they can get the ratings to tick up a little (Edit: unfortunately that did not happen for this episode – with a 0.8 in demo ratings, the show hit a series low).

The episode revolves around change. It starts with Kermit explaining that he will talk to Miss Piggy about setting boundaries so he can spend more time with his girlfriend Denise. But when the network president drops by and wants the muppets to make changes to Miss Piggy’s show, he and all the others stay up all night to brainstorm ideas for the reboot. Kermit realizes that they should just use all the muppets on the show. So that’s how Pepe and Bobo get their own segments on Up Late, and besides that Key & Peele are scheduled to have a guest appearance on the show. However during the show Kermit finds out that they won’t be coming, and they need to come up with a plan to fill the time. Kermit and Piggy decide to sing a song just like they used to do. The network president is happy, the audience is happy and the muppets are happy! ….Except Denise. When Kermit worked late to brainstorm, she forgave him, but after seeing Kermit and Piggy sing that song together, she thinks that it’s better for them to stop seeing each other.

To quote Kermit: “We just need to make a few tweaks to our show that make us happy, something classy, nothing too drastic.” Sounds exactly like what they did to The Muppets! The biggest changes compared to the episodes before the break are the title sequence (where instead of leaving Kermit empty handed, he ends up with a cup of coffee thanks to Miss Piggy), the muppets all seem to be nicer to each other, and they seem to enjoy working together and of course at the very end, Piggy and Kermit sing a song together like in the old days.

I enjoyed the guest spots for Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, even though they eventually did not guest on Up Late. And I also loved the smaller story line of Deadly taking care of Gloria Estefan, the penguin.

For me the retooled Muppets didn’t necessarily improve a lot. I still enjoy it just as much as before the break and the retooling. I do hope that more people start watching the show (again) and that ratings improve.

Ratings: 8.5/10